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After a long break, Low Visibility is back! This episode covers Godzilla 2014, Toho and Legendary's celebration of the Big G's 60th anniversary. This episode does contain spoilers for this film, so listen at your own risk. 

This episode introduces the co-pro tag, where we'll discuss productions of interest to tokusatsu fans that result from Japanese producers working with creators from around the globe. It also introduces the toho and godzilla tags, which you'll be seeing used again in the future. We also introduce a slight change of format this episode, and a new sound editor (i.e., me) did the technical honors. 

As always, let us know what you thought of the show. You can leave comments below if you've got a Facebook account, or get in touch with us via TwitterFacebookask.fmTumblr, or even by plain ol' email if you like. Next month: Shout Factory's Super Sentai Zyuranger.  
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At long last, it's the final Kyoryuger show! This double-sized episode covers Kyoryuger from episode 20 through the end of the series, as well as Kyoryuger vs. Go-Busters and the theatrical film Gaburincho of Music. There's also spoilers for Kamen Rider Decade and GoGo Sentai Boukenger lurking in this episode, so listeners beware. 

Since these episodes are unscripted, there's a few times during the ep where one or the other of us incorrectly remembers an early part of the show, or otherwise generally misspeaks. Feel free to call us on this, but we have listened to the episode and are aware of what's not quite right. Just keep that in mind when you listen to the last fifteen minutes or so. Memory really does make fools of us all. 

As always, you can leave comments below, or email us with feedback at lowvisibilitypodcast@gmail.com. You can also contact us on Twitter @lowvisibility, on Tumblr at lowvisibilitypodcast, at our Facebook page, or at our ask.fm page

Credit goes to Pixiv artist simonori for the image!
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And now we'll discuss the Rider show that has electrified the fandom: Kamen Rider Wizard!

...people still care about Wizard, right? Right? 

This is a double-sized episode recorded late last year, around the time episode 4 or 5 of Gaim was airing (so keep that in mind when we reference Gaim). The first half of the show covers Wizard from around episode twenty-something to episode 51, which we consider the end of the series proper. Spoilers abound for Wizard (of course), Kuuga, Faiz, and a number of other shows. The second half of the episode is Q&A covering some Rider-related questions we got at our ask.fm account (and if you have questions, feel free to drop ask them there). 

You can leave comments below, email us at lowvisibility[at]gmail[dot]com, track us down on Facebook or Twitter, or follow us on Tumblr. Next episode we'll cover the recently-completed Kyoryuger, and talk a little about ToQger.  

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We've nearly skipped fall and gone to winter in this latest episode of Low Visibility, which will cover the first six episodes of Ultraman Ginga. This episode was recorded roughly a week after those episodes aired, but sat on Lynx's hard drive since then due to a laughable onslaught of deadlines. If you listen, bear in mind the incidental chatter will be about three months out of date. This episode's release coincides roughly with the second half of Ginga beginning to air last week. 

Here's a link to the New York Times article we discuss during the show. There don't seem to be any other spoiler warnings necessary for this episode, but let us know if that's not the case. As usual, you can send us your questions, concerns,and criticisms to lowvisibilitypodcast@gmail.com. You can also catch us on the now-updating-regularly Low Visibility tumblr, our ask.fm page, the Low Visibility Facebook page, or @lowvisibility on Twitter. Next episode: a double-sized Kamen Rider Wizard extravaganza. 
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Summer is drawing to a close, we're nearing the start of fall, and that means it's time for a new Kamen Rider to debut. And this year... oh, man, this friggin' year. Our Kamen Rider Gaim show covers the various pre-release materials that have hit in the past month. Some of the info may be slightly out of date, as a batch of magazine scans hit after we recorded. This episode does include heavy spoilers for Kamen Rider Ryuki and Puella Magi Madoka Magica, so if you're planning on watching either, you may want to hold off. Finally, for the bizarrely large number of you who are concerned with what our cat is up to, he does make a guest appearance this episode. The mic didn't pick up his shenanigans, but you can hear our reactions to him being terrible. 

EDIT: It has been brought to our attention that Griton was revealed to be acorn-themed, rather than coconut-themed as originally thought. This definitely got lost in the deluge of Gaim info. We regret the error, since the correction only makes Griton's powers more hilarious

EDIT 2: It has further been brought to our attention that Baron's lance is, in fact, a peeled banana. We feel no further commentary is necessary.

You can leave comments below and we will get to them (if slowly); you can shoot us an email at lowvisibilitypodcast@gmail.com; you can catch up to us on Twitter @lowvisibility; you can leave feedback at our Facebook fan page; or you can send us questions at our ask.fm pageNext time looks like it will be Ultraman Ginga. 
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Our long national nightmare is over! The Kyoryuger episode, covering through episode 19, is here! Listen and be amazed. Obviously, this podcast contains spoilers for those episodes, and mentions what were (at the time of recording) rumors about upcoming characters. 

A segment toward the end briefly discusses Wizard, but only covers through the events of episode 41. You can probably just skip that segment if that would contain any spoilers. We won't do another full Wizard podcast until the show ends.  

Feel free to leave feedback for us in the comments below, by a shooting an email to lowvisibilitypodcast@gmail.com, pestering us on Twitter @lowvisibility, or prodding us on Facebook. We've also started at page at ask.fm, which should be a good way to contact us if you'd like to do so anonymously. 

Credit goes to Pixiv artist Shinonoko for the image! 
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At long last, it's the Daimajin Kanon episode we were talking about doing last year! Obviously, it contains pretty detailed spoilers for Daimajin Kanon. If you want the show to surprise you when you watch it, you probably don't want to listen to this. For background on what this show is and where it comes from, have a listen to episodes 14 (covering Daimajin) and 15 (covering the Yokai Trilogy). As usual, feel free to leave comments below, hit us up on Facebook, contact us via email at lowvisibility@gmail.com, or tack us down on Twitter as @lowvisibility.

We are not entirely sure what our next episode is going to be about! Probably a second Wizard show, but there's other things we've discussed doing like the Gavan movie or the most recent Versus flick. To be honest, we haven't recorded anything as of this writing. Still, hopefully we'll be back sooner rather than later.

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Low Visibility is back with an episode covering the Kamen Rider Fourze Hyper Battle Video and the Kamen Rider summer film, Minna de Uchuu Kita (or Everybody, It's Space Time). Spoilers abound for those two projects, but the rest of the show should be safe listening.

For some reason, during the Hyper Battle Video discussion, I (Lynx) keep calling Amazon's finisher the Daisetsuzan Oroshi, which is entirely wrong. It's just the Daisetsuzan. I guess I had Getter Robo on the brain? Sorry about that.

Leave a comment below, hit us up on Facebook, bug us on Twitter at @lowvisibility, or you can shoot us an email at lowvisibilitypodcast@gmail.com. Next time: the long-awaited Daimajin Kanon podcast.

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Welcome to our fourth and final show covering Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, from episodes 45 to the ending. In addition to the spoiler warnings given in the episode, this episode does contain spoilers for the ending of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger. While Zyuranger is a very old show, its subs were only completed recently, so you may want to hold off on listening to this episode if you've got Zyuranger plans in your future and you aren't already heavily spoiled on Zyuranger's last ten episodes. There's also some discussion of Gekiranger, Shinkenger, Faiz, and OOO that may contain spoilers, so proceed at your own risk.

I managed to dig up that Takebe article that we discuss in the podcast. It includes some pretty interesting info about her career and goes into detail about what she brought to Rider. It also puts the "serving tea" phrase we discuss into a really interesting context, too, so I suggest giving it a read. I was not able to dig up sources on some of the other OOO anecdotes that come up, but it's all stuff I remember reading back when OOO was airing. Take it with a grain of salt, maybe?Finally, we recorded this before information was released making it clear just how bitter and insane the Go-Busters Returns V-Cinema was going to be, so it doesn't come up in the episode. Sorry! Obviously, we are looking forward to it.

Feel free to leave a comment below, shoot an email over to lowvisibilitypodcast@gmail.com, harass us on Twitter at @lowvisibility, or leave a note at the Low Visibility Facebook page.

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We're back, with our first quarter podcast for Kamen Rider Wizard! Although... thanks to various delays, we're actually covering Wizard's first eighteen episodes. This pushed the episode over into being double-sized, since we ended up covering all of Wizard's basic elements, and then extra stuff like the first round of power-ups and the debut of the secondary Rider.

There shouldn't be any huge spoilers for any shows besides Wizard except maybe Dairanger, and even then it's what most people consider the worst part of Dairanger, so... well, listen at your own discretion. There's also a lot of tangents and talk about other Rider shows this go-round, as we do a lot of comparing what Wizard's doing to what earlier shows did.

Oh, the bit with the cat was supposed to be edited out, but our sound editor refused on the grounds that it was too amazing. So if you have a problem with it, blame him!

Anyway, you may notice that Podbean has shifted over to a Facebook-only comments system. Of course, you're still encouraged to leave comments, but if you don't wanna we'll understand. We're at work on figuring out a way for folks who liked to leave feedback anonymously to resume doing that. In the meantime, you can also contact us at lowvisibilitypodcast@gmail.com, we're @lowvisibility on Twitter, and you can now visit a Facebook page for the podcast.

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